TaijiFit: Free Moving Meditation Course
TaijiFit is Tai Chi and Yoga the way you want it to be – easy, fun and leaving you wanting more. From reducing anxiety, increasing balance, and increasing blood flow, TaijiFit is a proven, effective workout. TaijiFit is also the approved certification for the Veterans Affairs Community Care program – free classes for Veterans, extraordinary pay for you. www.taijifit.net
S.E.A.T. Enter To Win Big!

Discover how incorporating a chair can increase access to your fitness offerings by catering to clients of all abilities. Program including video, music, choreo notes, social media and poster downloads. Perfect for deconditioned clients or those overcoming injuries, you’ll learn how to design seat-based programming that doesn’t lack intensity or fun, guaranteed to get a “seated” ovation from all of your students!  www.seatfitness.com

WATERinMOTION® Platinum caters to the growing segment of the U.S. population that won’t settle for second best. It supplies safe, effective and fun classes that are guaranteed to bring excitement back into your pool by offering a system that understands and addresses the specific needs of your 65+ and/or deconditioned client.waterinmotion.com/platinum/
Fit Tips for Pros - 1 Free Month!

Sue Grant, a leading expert in older adult fitness, created Fit Tips For Pros, an online library designed to give fitness instructors lots of fresh, innovative new exercise ideas to use in their classes and personal training sessions. www.FitTipsForPros.fit.