Session One:

10:00am-11:00am ET

9:00am-10:00am CT

7:00am-8:00am PT

This session addresses a system of functional core training that prevents injuries by utilizing a small ball to protect the back in various exercises. These strategies and techniques work particularly well with your active aging clients to promote comfort and fitness longevity.

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“Pre-Hab so you don’t need to Re-Hab”. This class will help members improve mobility, sit, stand, reach & practice daily activities to enhance their quality of daily life.  Pre-Hab will focus on key moments to improve strength, stability, balance, and more! Pre-Hab IS “Pre-Fab”!

Every 60 seconds, someone turns 60 in the US. Mobility training is the new buzz! Add this missing link to your programming. Learn the best practices for mobility training and how to add to your group classes and PT. Plus, how to market these programs for increased ROI.

Utilizing the natural support and resistance of the water is key to relieving stiffness, inflammation and stress associated with chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Experience innovative, gentle movement patterns to enrich and free the body of pain while promoting a feeling of total body wellness.

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Millions of women are undiagnosed and untreated for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, TDS. Testosterone is one of the most vital hormones in women, and one of the first they lose. Symptoms include accelerated aging, fatigue, memory loss, moodiness, low libido, etc. Let’s examine HRT and natural ways to increase testosterone. (Lecture)

As we age, the #1 concern is reducing falls and maintaining optimal gait. Join Dr. Splichal as she explores how the brain sees movement and processes sensory stimulation for stabilization. Explore topics such as eye movement exercises, dual tasking, and haptic optimization, and experience sensory sequencing that challenges both proprioceptive and cognitive skill sets. – RECORDED

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Session Two:

11:15am-12:15pm ET

10:15am- 11:15am CT

8:15am-9:15am PT

This session will lead you in practical exercises to meet the needs of Boomers, the largest population in America. Learn core options and modifications to meet the wide variety of fitness levels within the Active Adult population to keep them young in their golden years! 

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Shoulder pain can totally cramp your style!  It can restrict your movement, limit your ability to achieve your fitness goals and take your focus away from enjoying your life.  This session includes a thorough analysis and hands-on application of strategies to combat the most common problem areas causing shoulder pain. Leave with an understanding of the function and flexibility of this ball and socket joint.


Losing balance, mobility and height are three things that are expected as one ages. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how Symmetry addresses your client’s posture in a scientific way, restoring the natural blueprint we were all born with, thus reversing the stereotype associated with aging. (Lecture)

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The most often-voiced concern when using the aqua dumbbell in a water class might be, “I have arthritis. Holding the dumbbell hurts my hands.” Join this session and explore new and varying ways to use your aqua dumbbell without gripping the handle and hiking the shoulders. Enjoy this inspired workout using single, meshed, and independent aqua dumbbell patterns to challenge your traditional cardio and toning water workouts.

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Learn the various forms, symptoms, and causes of arthritis that affect 1 in 4 adults in the United States. Identify and experience safe & effective exercises that improve joint mobility, flexibility, and improve range of motion while promoting greater independence. Leave this session with a better understanding of how to communicate with arthritic clients to gain trust and build life-long relationships.

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Chronic hip tightness and weakness is often attributed to a ‘tight’ psoas and short hip flexors. However, this concept is based upon industry myth rather than reality. During this session, you’ll discover how common posture and movement strategies are what leads to hip osteoarthritis. Additionally, you’ll learn how to best lengthen and strengthen the flexors and glutes while improving hip longevity. – RECORDED

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Session Three:

12:30pm-1:30pm ET

11:30am-12:30pm CT

9:30am-10:30am PT

Encourage the heart and train the body with play! Join Rosie as she helps formulate new game plans for fun, confidence boosting programming for active agers and create the ultimate wellness experience! Discuss trainer approach and implementation along with new research and strategies that will ensure your clients conquer functional movement and cognitive challenges. (Lecture)  

Balance is a key component of effective movement and longevity. As people age, balance training can be intimidating. Using a variety of shifting movements, postures, and visual disturbances, this session explores the science behind balance and how to keep both feet on the ground while challenging it.

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While balance training can feel very clinical for your members, it’s an important component for all populations over 40. Explore how to make these workouts fun, playful, and effective. Take away several easy-to-follow formats that will make the art of staying on your feet just a little more fun AND balanced.

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Join the newest Aqua Craze! We all know the many benefits of running, so now is the time to take your workouts to a new depth! This cardio/strength water workout will combine high-intensity and low-intensity exercises with little impact while strengthening muscles and improving joint function. Combine running, traveling, Tabata intervals, strength, and more! 


The process of aging affects nutritional needs. Nutrition must remain at the forefront of our attention as we work with an active aging population. This session introduces you to the variety of changes the body undergoes as it ages as well as identifies shifting nutritional needs that occur simultaneously. (Lecture)

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Get off the floor and build that core! In this session, learn powerful flowing sequences that strengthen the powerhouse of the body. Learn movements and patterns to condition and strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of the back that support the spine and daily movement, not just the muscles of the coveted “6 –pack.“ Step outside your comfort zone and transform your mind and body, come ready to sweat, laugh and grow! RECORDED

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Session Four:

2:00pm – 3:00pm ET

1:00pm – 2:00pm CT

11:00am – 12:00pm PT

With so many of our Active Aging members being strong and fit already, we need to provide programming that keeps them feeling engaged and efficient. Learn to create workouts that help the fit stay. Walk away with some easy format tricks for creating intensity without discouraging the art of listening to their own body.

Drop the belief that aging is deteriorating. Aging is simply the process of getting older. With age comes wisdom and experience. Understand the statistics and learn useful tips on how to improve one’s quality of life and prevent chronic disease. Now is the time to change your perception on the aging process. 

It doesn’t matter how much you stretch; you won’t get more flexible by stretching alone. In this hands-on workshop, find out what you’ve been doing wrong while discovering unique and effective ways to increase range of motion. If you’ve never touched your toes, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can do it with this dynamic program.


Nourish your soul with this Ballet-inspired Aqua Yoga/Barre workout. This session provides you with many ideas for a functional flow in the water. Learn choreography and how to apply sequences to design a seamless, fluid Yoga/Barre class.

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Expand your knowledge of the nutritional needs of our over 50 clients. Examine caloric needs, protein, fiber, hydration, longevity, disease avoidance, and more! Your active agers need your support because of their decreased appetites, increased social needs, and their constant battle with inflammation.  Help them navigate these challenges with effective coaching options. (Lecture)

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Training the Active Aging Female Upper Extremity requires a high level of skill. Observing posture and performing movement screens begins the process. Through practical application in an interactive environment, review the typical postural compensation we see as women age. Review biomechanics and kinesiology while learning specific techniques for training active aging female clients.- RECORDED


Session Five:

3:15pm- 4:15pm ET

2:15pm – 3:15pm CT

12:15pm – 1:15pm PT

Shake your “groove thing” in the ultimate cardio-circuit workout simple and fun for all levels. A mix of 70’s and 80’s tunes will help you get your sweat on in this challenging mind and body workout with a combo of functional training, light weights and dance. Channel your inner “dancing queen” and see you at the disco


Learn how to add levity and joy to workouts with fun partner activities, brain games, strength training options and seated activities in all three planes of motion. This session will help you spice up your fitness classes, whether virtual or in-person, with creative games and activities.

For many older adults, the act of standing up from a seated position can be difficult, yet it is one of the most foundational movements of life. Explore how to build the stability, mobility, and strength needed to stand up and sit down with ease addressing different levels of ability and function.

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Enjoy six different segments of core training exercises for water exercise. This course focuses on working abs, back, obliques, hips and shoulders. Basically, anything core goes! Targeting a senior market demands special emphasis on posture and alignment. Enjoy this session with one of the top aquatic presenters in the world!


As we age, joint range of motion is lost affecting the ability to move our joints correctly and our bodies freely. Learn simple fascia-focused techniques to increase joint range of motion, decrease edema, support positional awareness, and improve balance. Examine percussive recovery tools, foam rollers, and textured balls to perform quick releases for our clients. 

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Pilates is for everyone! Develop your Pilates program to help your active agers feel great and continue moving functionally to live their best lives. Experience a Pilates mat program with 15 movement modifications and progression that increases mobility, balance and muscular endurance.  Learn why proper technique of postural movements will improve function and overall confidence to help your clients continue doing the things they love! – RECORDED

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Session Six:

4:30pm – 5:30pm ET

3:30pm – 4:30pm CT

1:30pm – 2:30pm PT

Walking. The most foundational and functional movement pattern we do every day. This subconscious movement pattern is often taken for granted; however, the implications of poor walking metrics is actually a huge predictor of vitality and longevity.

Muscles play 8 roles for the physicality required of whole-body 3D motion. Training all 8 functions builds the most robust skilled musculature while injury-proofing clients. Discover 10 mechanical strategies for safely managing resistance while making strength training kinder on joints and simultaneously harder on the muscles and brain.


Chronic back pain caused by “tight” hips will undoubtedly stand in the way of your clients achieving their fitness goals. Unhealthy fascia and overactive muscles in this region can affect the quality of movement. Discover the most effective ways to combine foam rollers, therapy balls, and active isolated stretching to minimize pain and improve mobility in the lumbopelvic hip complex.

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Learn how the body’s autonomic nervous system responds to rhythmic music to release blocked energy which can be a precursor to disease. Discover how to bring the body into balance and harmony when submerged in the water.

Those with chronic illness are often living with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges such as fatigue, pain, balance issues, muscle spasms, vision/hearing challenges, tremors, memory loss, depression, anxiety, and more. Because these health issues are chronic, these challenges don’t go away, and often are progressive and worsen over time. In this session, learn appropriate communication tools, exercises, and marketing techniques to attract, motivate and retain this growing demographic. (Lecture)

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If your goal is to live a vibrant life with fewer aches and pains and more vitality, understanding the role fascia plays in every aspect of your health is critical to achieving that goal. Whether you’re working with high performance athletes, active adults, or clients who need rehabilitation, this session will give you the tools to help others and yourself live a better life. From the cellular and molecular level of fascia’s critical role in stability to the macro level of postural and structural stability, we’ll explore the extracellular matrix in detail and learn simple application concepts to tap into this system.- RECORDED

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